Liquid crystal vinyl
Liquid crystal vinyl Color changing vinyl

When touched with warm hands or activated by an external heat source this captivating product changes through a spectrum of stunning colours.

When activated by temperatures of between 25 and 30°C (77 and 91.4°F), this product exhibits the colours of red, orange, green and blue.

The reversible colour change of this smart material also allows for this product to be enjoyed in reverse. When this vinyl has crossed the top of its bandwidth (30°C or 91.4°F) and has finished changing in colour, a cold source can then be used to bring the colours back again until the sheet has returned to its original state (dark grey). The product will also return back to dark if left at room temperature (21°C or 69.8°F).

Our vibrantly coloured cholesteric liquid crystal has been cleverly encapsulated between two sheets of Lexan material and is then coated with a semi-permanent adhesive.  The thickness of this liquid crystal vinyl is between 250 and 350 microns.

This product can be used for education, arts, crafts, heat mapping, interior architecture, decorative effects, temperature indicators, placemats, bookmarks, book covers, graphic design, stickers, labels, marketing and lots more. SFXC liquid crystal can be cut using a guillotine, scissors, craft knife, plotter and profile machine. This product cannot be cut using a laser printer. Please always ensure that a responsible adult is present when using sharp objects.  

If you have a larger area to cover you could test our Liquid Crystal ink.

We have also have Sprayable Liquid Crystal Ink.

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