Photochromic Pigment trial
Photochromic Pigment trial Solor active dust Photochromic powder

This trial pack contains 4 of our most popular Photochromic pigment...

SFXC® Photochromic pigment is a microencapsulated dye that changes colour in the sun or under certain fluorescent and UV light sources. The reversible pigment is almost colourless out of the sun and vibrant colour in strong sunlight. This product can be mixed with water-based and nonwater-based mediums.

This trial pack contains 4 x 5g of most popular colours that offer the best UV activation:

A ratio of 10% pigment to 90% medium/binder is needed though this can be adjusted to suit specific requirements.

This UV reactive, photo-sensitive product can be mixed with clear varnish, clear glue, clear acrylic gels, screen printing binders, PVA, PP, PE, PU and PET. Please thoroughly test the compatibility of our products before production, final projects or print runs.

Photochromic pigments are used for a large number of application including UV awareness, print and design, health and safety, arts and crafts, promotional and fashion.

Please avoid prolonged UV exposure and extreme temperatures. 

This item is made to order, please note that when ordering this item you need to add 1 day to your shipping.

If one of the colours you have ordered is out of stock, we will substitute another colour.

Please contact us if you require trade and bulk pricing.

Please consult the TDS and MSDS before use. Please click here to view the TDS and MSDS.

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.